News and Analysis (11/18/17)

“Our adaptability starts with an understanding of Islam that is open and flexible…. We also changed our stances regarding women’s rights…. The future is freedom…. Islam stands for freedom and justice”:

A professed anti-corruption crackdown turns out to be a shakedown:

“As strange as this sounds, the cable shows how Israel is becoming the unlikely leader of the Sunni world” — Jeff Halper, Israeli analyst:

For years “sexual violence has been a routine part of the methods Israeli intelligence agencies have used against Palestinians,” so it is appropriate that Harvey Weinstein used Israeli agents to intimidate his victims:

Christians unite to oppose Israeli attempt to quash freedom of speech:

The director “agreed to delete offending scenes from the film following” an attack” by Hindu extremists whose spokesman now threatens to “cut the nose” of the film’s star for saying “protests would not stop the … release”:

“[T]he ‘Muslim who acts like us’ continues to be a lazy, one-dimensional response to islamophobia in all kinds of media that attempts to be ‘progressive’”:

KSM has found a twofer, telling believers he is supporting hadith studies while telling Western governments he is fighting terrorism:

“Canadians seem to be souring on the idea of freedom of religion as only 55% of those responding said they believe it makes the country better—14% said it made it worse and the rest said no impact”:

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