News and Analysis (11/24/17)

“[M]edical units have now been installed in the Ritz-Carlton hotel where the beatings have taken place … to prevent torture victims from being taken to hospital” …

… while in an act of stupefying supreme act of hypocrisy the man who invaded Yemen declares that appeasement doesn’t work as an argument why the world and the region should appease him:

… and “a former senior Israeli military figure speaking in London … report that … senior Saudi princes … said to him words to the effect that, ‘you are not our enemy any more'”:

The suspension of his resignation “lends weight to the theory that Hariri was forced to resign,” but the Lebanese know that “they lack the military and political might to hold foreign powers at bay”:

“The climate for this type of attack is made possible by the pernicious influence of Sri Lankan hard-line Buddhist groups such as Bodu Bala Sena”:

“The idea that Burma will now welcome them back to their smoldering villages with open arms is laughable” — Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch:

A focus on “employment, career and material advancement” yields a “deficit of criticality in education … [and an] inability to cope creatively with ambiguity, the predisposition to seek black and white answers”:

The 1753 Marriage Act “limited ceremonies to registered buildings, … [with notable exceptions “for Quakers and Jewish people, … but today renders hundreds of thousands of women outside the protection of our courts”:

The group seeks to address “polygamy, nikah halala, minimum age for marriage etc.” with “new legislation which is comprehensive and is as per the Quran as well as the Constitution”:

“Abdul-Jabbar recounts the tremulous time surrounding his decision to change his name from Lew Alcindor to Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, which means ‘noble servant of [the Most Compelling],’ after” converting to Islam:

“Rabita had closely analyzed Islamic State videos and found they sometimes used quite unreligious bait to entice youths to join their jihad”:

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