News and Analysis (11/27/17)

“Sufism has shaped literature and art for centuries…. In modern times, the predominant view of Sufi Islam is one of ‘love, peace, tolerance,’” but some “fundamentalists see the reverence for saints … as a form of idolatry”:

“A global network of anti-Muslim activists is using Twitter bots, fake news and the manipulation of images to influence political discourse, new analysis reveals”:

“Marwan … worries that some mosque members, with no imam to guide them, could soon turn elsewhere for direction, with possibly radical consequences”:

“Critics say the coalition could become a means for Saudi Arabia to implement an even more assertive foreign policy by winning the backing of poorer African and Asian nations with offers of financial and military aid”:

“[D]elayed response is not considered best practice in dealing with bullying”:

“The pressure campaign has shown some signs of success. After an earlier delay, Zeid’s office said the release of the ‘report’ has been pushed back again, from December to early next year”:

“Muslim scholars agreed on five main objectives to be considered the Sharia’s high objectives…: the preservation of the self; … of reason; .. of the religion; … of property; and … of lineage”:

“Earlier, Muslims were stereotyped… [N]ow, with Hindutva rising, there is pressure for Muslims to remove markers that are visually distinct”:

Muslim feminists protest treating violence against women “if we were only legitimate to denounce the violence by Muslims. As if the violence we suffer only comes from Muslims…. News flash: this is not the case!”:






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