News and Analysis (12/3/17)

Stephen Walt attempts to explain why military occupations and slaughter do not endear you to the victims in a way that even an American columnist can understand:

More than a story of unintended consequences, Israel’s near elimination of the black goat shows the delusional self-destructiveness of Zionism’s goal of “erasing Palestinians and creating a slice of Europe in the Middle East”:

He was trying to stop a resolution condemning Israel’s “‘flagrant violation under international law’ that was ‘dangerously imperiling the viability’ of a future peace settlement establishing a Palestinian state”:

His parents say allegations that the boy “kept repeating the words ‘Allah’ and ‘boom’ class” as impossible because “he doesn’t speak at all” and has “the mental capacity of a one-year-old”:

“Trump provoked a wave of anger and disgust from politicians in Britain and human rights groups in the [U.S.] when he shared anti-Muslim videos posted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the group Britain First” …

… while Fransen threatens reporters seeking interviews her with ‘home visits of their own'” and a former member of her group describes talk about “damaging mosques up and down the country” and kicking in doors …

… and “the share of all Americans who say there is not much or no support for extremism among US Muslims has risen to 54 percent, up from 45 percent in 2011”:

Keep your eye on Muhammad Bin Salman and you won’t miss Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood:

Since the Saudi invasion, more than 10,000 people have died, more than two million have been displaced, and a cholera outbreak has infected “nearly one million people and led the country to the brink of famine”:

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