News and Analysis (1/11/07)

“[T]he most dangerous foreign policy blunder since Vietnam…”—Senator Chuck Hagel.(R-NE)

·        Barrage of Criticism for Bush Iraq Plan (AFP)

·        In Baghdad, Concerns About a Violent Year: Some Iraqis Question the Bush ‘Surge’ and the Ability of Maliki to Rein in Militias (Christian Science Monitor)

·        Poll: Most Americans Opposed to Bush’s Iraq Plan (Washington Post)

·        Strategic Redeployment vs. “Surge” and (Not) Engaging Iran and Syria (MFI)

·        3,000 British troops to pull out of Iraq by May (Telegraph)

U.S. denies target has diplomatic status:

·        Report: U.S. Troops Raid Iranian Consulate in Iraq (Washington Post)

·        US Iraq raid draws Iranian anger (BBC)


·        No Top Al-Qaeda Suspects Killed in Somali Air Strike, Says US Official (AFP)

New U.N. Secretary-General urges the prison be closed:

·        Guantanamo Prison Draws Protests Worldwide (Reuters)

Even the Sudanese government agrees:

·        Military Solution No Option In Darfur: U.N. Envoy (Reuters)

An independent judge will head the interim government responsible for elections:

·        Bangladesh President Quits Interim Government, Delays Election (AFP)







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