News and Analysis (12/15/17)

The U.S. hopes its allegations of evidence that Iran assisted Houtis to defend themselves from Saudi aggression will divert attention from its disastrous Syrian intervention, that “arms secretly sent to rebel factions fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad in his long civil war” …

A University of Washington law professor with a husband, children, two stepchildren, and who teaches yoga, is among the many “Arabs, Muslims, and people with Muslim-sounding names” in the U.S. to have had their Global Entry clearances revoked:

“British troops breached the Geneva conventions and subjected Iraqi civilians to cruel and inhuman treatment by hooding them and taking turns to run over their backs … [and] in the way in which it detained civilians”:

In the wake of the Trump embassy move announcement most of the violence in Palestine-Israel continues to be perpetrated by the Israelis:

“[T]he amount of hate I’ve gotten is like a drop in the bucket to the amount of love and the amount of support I’ve gotten from people”:

Though some Muslims disapprove, there is nothing new about Muslims wishing Christian neighbors a “Merry Christmas”:

“As long as corrections officers fail to treat Muslim inmates as human beings … we will continue to sue corrections personnel,” said Attorney David Lane, who represents Ashaheed”:

“Suspect Shambu Lal Regar arrested in Rajasthan over film of labourer being hacked to death and burnt, which earned £3,473 in crowdfunding donations”:

Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh organizations have signed a letter to Trump that retweeting hate videos as official Presidential statements “carried a dark and unmistakable message: Muslims are to be feared; Islamic practices pose a danger to society; Muslims can never be truly equal citizens under the law'”:

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