News and Analysis (12/22/17)

Despite the Trump-Haley threats, “128 countries backed the resolution, … nine voted against and 35 abstained. Twenty-one countries did not cast a vote” …

… with Arab states, knowing that the funds they get are bribes to benefit Israel, not taking the threats seriously …

… and even Mike Pence, an fundamentalist Christian Zionist, admits that military aid to Afghanistan will not be terminated despite its vote against the embassy move:

Like Christians, Muslims believe he is the Messiah … [and] in the Immaculate Conception … [but not] that the virgin birth took place on the 25th of December and … there is no tradition in Islam that celebrates the birthday of any prophet”:

International lawyer Kate Cronin-Furman, French President Emmanuel Macron, and columnists for The NY Time Nicholas Kristof and The Washington Post Ishaan Tharoor all agree that this we must dare call it genocide:

The award -winning NPR journalist “was mocked on Twitter as a ‘terrorist,’ ‘raghead,’ and ‘jihadi'”:

A member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation was found to be writing for the Jihadwatch hate web site:

” Muslim women’s voices and our bodies are reduced to proxy battlefields by the demonizers and defenders of Muslim men, Neither side cares about women. They are concerned only with one another” – Mona Eltahawy:

“[S]he chose to compete ‘because representation is important’. ‘I didn’t take the crown, but it was an amazing experience. I want to inspire other girls to feel beautiful, confident and follow their dreams no matter where they’re from”:

An Indian lawmaker “called the Taj Mahal a blot on Indian culture … [and] another party member offered a bounty for the heads of two people involved in a movie featuring a Muslim sultan”:

Farrakhan’s statements are a Rorschach test, called “questionable” by some, but described by Councilwoman Juanita Woods as being “about love, loving each other and taking care of each other peace and living together”:

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