News and Analysis (12/28/17)

In what “would be the country’s longest period of emergency rule since the 1970s era of strongman Ferdinand Marcos[, t]he militarization had displaced thousands of the indigenous Lumad people and some had been killed”:

After Aboutaleb said that his struggle to be a good mayor for the people of Rotterdam is a kind of jihad and that some salafis want to emulate Muhammad as some Christians want to emulate Jesus, Geert Wilders demanded he resign:

“Transport Minister Israel Katz said on Wednesday he had chosen a proposed subway stop near the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City – right in the middle of the area that the Palestinians want as their own future capital”:

A member of the “Freedom” (sic) Party opposed funding youth centers on the grounds that “they were heavily used by Muslims:

The prosecutor “said Djalali had confessed to meeting Mossad agents repeatedly to deliver information on Iran’s nuclear and defense plans and personnel, and helping to infect Defense Ministry computer systems with viruses”:

“There are two religions in Earth which have distinct enmity against all other religions. These two are Christianity and Islam. They … are determined to destroy all other religions” — Hindu extremist Rabindranath Tagore:

The Saudi economic “reforms” are attracting interest from foreign investors but there is still no sign on native entrepreneurship in a country where about 70% of the “population is under 30 and frequently glued to social media”:

Unlike younger pluralism advocates who also use “concepts of ‘role,’ ‘agency’ and ‘authority’ as analytical tools,” Gus Mus has “solid traditional credentials of religious authority”:

Continuing its murder of Muslims, the so-called “Islamic state, which is opposed to both the Taliban and the Western-backed government, has claimed a growing share of such attacks”:

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