News and Analysis (1/11/18)

“Until and unless the urban middle classes and the poor join in common cause—as they did in 1979—there will be no revolution”:

“’Embarrassing performance from controversial ambassador,’ read a web headline at De Telegraaf, one of the country’s largest newspapers” …

… “Dutch-U.S. political and military ties go back four centuries and American officials rarely face hostility from Dutch media” but reporters are “angered” by Pete Hoekstra’s absurd evasions and duplicity:

The debate over whether the Muslim ban is in opposition to “American values” persuaded “many Americans who had previously supported or been neutral on the issue of Trump’s Muslim ban to come down against it”:

“ALS, will eventually steal the voice he uses to teach and paralyze his body. With a time limit on his life, he thinks about the things that drive his faith and work: orphans, the homeless, a prison system he sees as broken”:

“[T]riple talaq was banned in 2002 on the ground of it being derogatory to the holy Quran … and Caliph Umar … used to award a punishment of 400 lashes to a man who would resort to irrevocable or triple divorce”:

The new law gives Muslim citizens of Thrace the choice whether to adjudicate family law issues in Islamic courts or state courts …

… but leftist MPs want to deprive them of the right to choose:

Although it is unlikely to inspire many Singporeans to adopt violence, a sophisticated new propaganda video demonstrates that “the information war with ISIS is far from over”:

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