News and Analysis (1/13/18)

“Hate crime reports and statistics don’t capture the full scope of hostility toward [American] Muslims.” Without religious liberty, “the law serves to maintain the second-class citizenship of Muslims”:

Despite his apology, Hoekstra’s assertion that he merely “mixed up countries” falsely implies that politicians were burned in some other Europe:

Blacklisting of peace groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace and the Quakers’ American Friends Service Committee only demonstrates the depth of Israeli repression:

“The attack comes as Canada approaches the first anniversary of a deadly shooting in a Quebec City mosque that killed six people at prayer … [part of] an increase in far-right extremist activity in Canada, much of it targeting Muslims”:

Is the BJP taking away the citizenship of Indian Muslims by just omitting them from the registry?

“Democratic revolutions like Tunisia’s are first and foremost about liberty for the individual. … This time, the lesson is in how to build a healthier and more inclusive economy”:

“[T]he current protests in Iran … may not mean Iran is fed up with theocracy, just that they’ve had it with corrupt theocracy—the current protests started over the price of eggs”:

Iran, Russia, Germany, and France all call out the folly of Trump’s insistence that if Iran does not agree to remove the termination date on the treaty he will terminate it immediately …

… and even as threatens to remove a barrier to Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons he “embraces the role of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to adversaries, and … backs a costly modernization of the aging U.S. nuclear arsenal”:

“The plan harks back to the creation of an anti-Shiite Salafi mission near the Houthi stronghold of Saada that sparked a military confrontation in 2011 with the Yemeni government … [and later] was closed … to end the fighting”:

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