News and Analysis (1/24/17)

In the wake of the U.S. administration’s green light on the embassy move, Israel  escalates the violence and shooting to kill and banning human rights observers while the mainstream American media looks the other way:

The Taliban have denied responsibility for the attack:

“‘The call to prayer existed long before the right-wing politicians who have no connection to this land,’ an imam in the town of Kabul in northern Israel said at one of the protests” against the colonialist move:

“Wagner refused to answer questions from the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel, who first reported his conversion to the Islamic faith. … But he said there had been no attempt by the [anti-Islam] party to force him to resign”:

“[A]lthough they will take the other core academic subject tests,” they want no part of the test to “measure tolerance, cultural awareness and how well teenagers can distinguish between reliable sources of information and fake news”:

If radical preacher Abu Hamza a/k/a MI5 agent “Damson Berry” had advanced knowledge of 9/11, so did British intelligence, and then it is incredible that they had not passed that knowledge on to U.S. intelligence:

“His three-volume exposé on Zionism is required reading for anyone concerned about Palestine-Israel, the Middle East, and world peace”:

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