News and Analysis (1/27/18)

Embarrassed by publicity over the IDF encounter with the Tamimi family, Michael Oren spreads absurd and easily refuted smears of the family and refuses to provide alleged evidence of his libel as “confidential”:

“So why is Gadot [a defender of the apartheid state] rewarded for being an empowered woman with opinions and views of her own, while Khan [a critic] loses out for sharing hers?”:

“Al Issa suggested the letter was prompted in part by his friendship with the think tank’s director, Robert Satloff, who has written extensively about North African Muslims who protected Jews during the Holocaust”:

Jennifer Williams is not surprised, as she herself is evidence for the “‘contact hypothesis,’ … that prejudice and hatred between different groups … often decreases when the two groups actually have contact with one another”:

According to Pew American converts to Islam are 77% Christian and 19% atheists, agnostics or otherwise unidentified with any religion; those who leave Islam are disproportionately Iranian immigrants (22%) and 55% abandon religion

Prince Alwaleed maintains “his innocence of any corruption in talks with authorities” and expects “to keep full control of his global investment firm … without being required to give up assets to the government”:

“[T]he AKP no longer works with women’s groups as they used to” and “there are signs that the government may be preparing to amend the landmark 2011 law protecting wives from their abusive husbands”:

“The latest attack will add pressure on President Ashraf Ghani and his U.S. allies, who have expressed growing confidence that a new more aggressive military strategy has succeeded in driving Taliban insurgents back”:






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