News and Analysis (1/30/18)

There will be “extra vetting for these mostly Middle Eastern and African nations, senior U.S. officials said on Monday”:

“As the State of the Union address approaches, one likely theme of the speech has become quite clear: President Trump wants to choke off legal immigration to the United States”:

“Rear Admiral Ali Ozmaei’s remarks cited by Tasnim news agency followed last week’s comments by U.S. military officials that the Iranian military had halted routine ‘harassment’ of U.S. naval vessels in the Gulf”:

Trump’s “comments suggested he sees a military victory over the Taliban, an outcome that U.S. military and diplomatic officials say cannot be achieved with the resources and manpower he has authorized”:

In 2017 “several NGOs lodged police reports against Sarajun for criticising … the detention of Turkish Islamic intellectual Mustafa Akyol” for a talk on Islam given “without prior accreditation from the Religious Teaching Supervisory Committee”:

“[A]fter nearly 50 hearings, there is still no verdict”:


The Muslim Judicial Council “denied reports that it had declared the SAB water not halaal‚ adding it was investigating what to do when taps run dry on Day Zero”:

“[T]his is a story about individualism vs. authoritarianism”:

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