News and Analysis (2/2/18)

Both Democrats and Republicans are trying to shut Muslims out:

The man’s conviction for “a murderous terrorist attack on worshippers leaving a mosque” has triggered “a complete review of the national security threat posed by the extreme right”:

The post-ISIS competition is to rebuild the war-torn nation, but with Syria split between Asad and the rebels, aid is highly politicized making successful reconstruction as unlikely as in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya :

“[A]udiences unschooled in the faith [of Islam] can see “Bilal” as a universal saga” but despite “elements of historic profundity and beauty in” the film its “over-earnestness … makes it feel more like a lesson than entertainment”:

NGO’s “often use Western teaching materials that don’t fit the Afghan cultural context, lending the gender equality message a foreign tone. They … don’t point to … Islamic religious teaching about gender” equity:

The police “admitted that the content of the documents they obtained from them is the information that the public already knew. He said the contents are same, … [yet] the court rejected the defense’s application for bail”:

“In 2015, former President John Mahama proclaimed freedom of faith, opening the way for more displays of religion in the secular country”:

“Although local aesthetic values are based on local narratives and ethnic identities, they also sometimes involve implicit critiques of prevalent Western conceptions of beauty”:






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