News and Analysis (2/8/18)

Among the keywords Boston police “tracked using Geofeedia … [were] innocuous Arabic words routinely used to discuss religion or community, including ‘ummah’ (which means ‘community’ in Arabic)”:

“[T]he data that underlies it has been connected to a set of interpretations and conclusions . . . that can’t be drawn from how this report was structured” – David Sterman, policy analyst at New America:

“Because we don’t have any power or self-determination. We don’t feel we have freedom. Because everything is centralised by the government”:

“[M]ilitary intelligence officials have been in contact with Muslim Brotherhood figures in prison lately to agree on a deal whereby senior leaders will be freed in exchange for disengaging from politics”:

“Many Muslim doctors across the nation have opened their own facilities funded primarily through donations to help the poor and the uninsured”:

“Mennel Ibtissem’s voice won over the jury on the French TV show, but her political positions alienated pro-Israel and Islamophobic groups”:

“‘Christelle’ allegedly identified a scar on Ramadan’s groin,” but an alleged “plane reservation … would show Ramadan flying from London to Lyon at about the same time the woman said the assault took place”:

“It’s not easy for a girl to find a job and go to work outside of her home in Afghanistan. Now, with just one laptop at home, she can work online and earn money and help her family”:

In just ten years the number of “women … working in the 30 largest Muslim-majority economies” has gone from 100 million to 155 million, mainly due to ” the rise of technology as an enabler of work“:






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