News and Analysis (2/14/18)

“While I think it’s completely unfair that Katebi has to laugh off an artillery volley of micro-aggression and blatant racism, her poise, power, and brilliance was absolutely breathtaking”:

To the far left Macron’s plan to “influence the organisation of Islamic institutions, … meddle in the training of imams and … weigh in on how Islam in France is to be financed” threatens secularism, but the far right is fine with it:

The French claim that Tariq Ramadan is a flight risk holds no water, and in any case doesn’t explain why he is in solitary confinement and prevented from speaking to his family, even by phone:

“[A]ll media and foreign diplomats were barred from entering the court room during the trial.” Her father said that Israelis “don’t want to show the world it’s just a theatre” and that Israel holds itself “above the law”:

“Community leaders … will know more than government officials will about problems that might be cropping up … [than] government people” and are better placed “to steer somebody who is at risk of taking a wrong path”:

“Muslim man who was removed from a flight before takeoff in April and interrogated by the FBI after talking on his phone in Arabic”:

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his ally Russia … [insist that] an air strike hit a rebel depot full of chemical munitions”:






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