News and Analysis (2/16/18)

“Contempt for and irrational fear of a religious group cannot be squared, Chief Judge Roger Gregory wrote, with the First Amendment’s bar on religious discrimination”:

“Hyatt’s mission statement proudly and boldly states: ‘We embrace all … perspectives … and ways of thinking’ … [yet they] did not respond to a request for comment on whether it would host white supremacists or neo-Nazis at its hotels”:

In leading by their example coupled with the message that they convey, Muslim “chaplains transcend the alleged divisions between Islam and western visions of society … [and] are able to neutralise the breeding ground for extremist views”

It is futile “to expand the bureaucracy and create a coterie of well-paid official spokesmen, who, because of their capacity as state employees, will likely have zero legitimacy among the people for whom they are meant to speak” …

… “The Muslim faith is a religion and, as such, takes care of its own household affairs. The last thing you want is the state to act as guardian” – Ahmet Ogras, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith:

“[T]he two planned prayer rooms were to be multifaith facilities … but could not reach an agreement … [with] the anti-Islam group … [that previously] protested a halal shopping district”:

“Each rejection pushed Rahman to work harder.” When she felt like giving up, her mother told her, “You have to keep trying.” Station manager Marshall Porter says On her third try at channel 4, they decided, “This is the best candidate”:

“My intent on inputting this on my personal Facebook page was to emphasize that Christianity is not the only religion being targeted for exclusion in our public school. It was not meant as a personal attack against the Islamic faith”:

After Syrians successfully foil an Israeli attack with an Iranian drone, Netanyahu declares Lebanon a “factory for precision-guided missiles that threaten Israel;” Saad Hariri warns him against making a tragic “miscalculation”:






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