News and Analysis (2/26/18)

In the first authentic case of “creeping Shariah,” a Dublin imam wants to replace a Catholic inspired prohibition on abortion with an Islamically-inspired  law to balance “the rights of the unborn child . .. with the rights of the mother”:

“There is, literally, an anti-mosque playbook” urging on-the-record statements be limited to land-use issues but styled in its introduction as a “how-to manual for patriotic Americans who are ready to counter … Islamic supremacism”:

They went to Syria to fight the Asad regime but found themselves courted by a variety of terrorist groups of which they wanted no part …

… “Lawyers for the women jailed for life had argued that they were tricked or coerced into travelling into IS territory, according to a courtroom observer”:

“Roman Catholic, Armenian and Greek Orthodox leaders in Jerusalem closed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre indefinitely on Sunday, claiming there is a ‘systematic campaign of abuse’ directed at the community”:

Hamas says, “Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a declaration of war against the Arab and Muslim nation.” Since Trump announced the move “at least 20 Palestinians, most of them in Gaza, have been killed in protests”:

Marion Le Pen is entirely “focused on the ‘Islamization’ of France and … reduc[ing] immigration.” Rather than call for an end the state of emergency, scolds the government “failure to enforce it with sufficient authority”:

Human rights activist Peter John Jaban says that “there are countless number of Sarawakian natives who … face legal hurdles when they want to go back to their original religions”:

Erdogan is unquestionably authoritarian and he has been accused of corruption, but his bizarre public fantasizing over the imagined martyrdom of a small girl in a military uniform raises the question of whether he has simply gone insane:






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