News and Analysis (3/7/18)

“Three Christians who converted to Islam in order to marry a Muslim are “fighting the case to renounce Islam … [on deciding] to return to Christianity upon divorcing or after the death of their spouse”:

“[I]t was unclear how it would affect life on the South Asian island nation, where Buddhist-Muslim tensions have flared in recent years with the growth of extremist Buddhist organizations”:

“The message I have to the men in my congregation … will be to start by thanking the women in your life for the sacrifices they have made – big or small – and take time to recognise what it must be like to be a woman around the world”:

Conservatives say the policy of offering counseling against the burqa to the 41 students wearing one and threat they cannot graduate unless they remove it conflicts “with the country’s efforts to preserve diversity”:

“Out of eight characters, seven are Muslim. All seven are practicing. All seven express and embody a different kind of Islam”:

“Instead of a society where members of three different religions lived together, Spain after 1492 became a society with a sole religion and language, a closed, suspicious place that repressed and eliminated difference”:

“I don’t want any biases taught in classes. The classes should be without politics and without editorial comments” — Frank Rotondo, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Director:






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