News and Analysis (3/10/18)

“U.S. embassies are casting doubt on a central legal defense to the ban’s constitutionality: individualized waivers.” Of 8,406 visa applications from countries subject to the ban … [o]nly two applicants were granted waivers”:

“Broidy told Trump that he had … met with [Saudi] Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan … and with the UAE’s top military leaders … to “discuss providing Train, Advise, and Assist support to the UAE military”:

Among the teacher’s hateful posts was a retweeted of “a post by Identify Evropa, which … [t]he Anti-Defamation League, however, calls … a white supremacist group that pushes the idea America is not meant to be a multiracial society”:

The letter “lists a string of tasks telling people they can win … 10 points to ‘verbally abuse a Muslim’, 100 points to ‘beat up a Muslim’ and 2500 points to ‘nuke Mecca’”:

“Army commander Mahesh Senanayake said victims have accused the police and the elite police Special Task Force of just looking on while they were targeted” …

… Sinhalese think Muslims “are following Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries’ model” in dress and thought and, resenting money Muslims earn abroad, believe and propagate false rumors about secret plots to add contraceptives to food:

“A judge … convicted Paul Golding, the leader of the group, Britain First, of one count of religiously aggravated harassment, and Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader, of three counts of the same offense”:

“The Salafis tell us to stay in the home, clean, cook, and pray there. All people – men and women – have the right to ascertain truth, remember God, and express their love to God. That is true Sufism”:

“U.N. agencies said most medical supplies had been stripped from the [a relief] convoy by Syrian government officials and added that the food supplies brought in were insufficient”:

“I felt out of place. I’ve never sat on that side of the car. Usually I always sit in the back or on the right side, but it felt good. You feel, like, in control. I want to drive a car. I want to be independent”:






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