News and Analysis (3/12/18)

“Islamophobia … is not an organic regrettable outcome of bad Muslims doing bad things. It is something that is being deliberately created in the public, and … there is an entire industry dedicated to manufacturing fear”:

By sending a journalist to prison for seven and a half years for tweeting “No dictator can silence the press,” Erdogan confirms that he is a dictator …

… while in Egypt’s joke of a presidential election, Sissi’s only opponent is a strong supporter of his who refuses to debate the incumbent because he’s “not here to challenge the president”:

Far from being forced into Islam as her father falsely claimed, Hadiya found most Muslim organizations refused to help her in her spiritual search. She met her husband after her conversion and has now reunited with him:

According to “reports from Fox News, Breitbart, and others” a mediation center in Dallas that offers arbitration, counseling, and notary public services, is “an Islamic court had been established there to decree medieval justice in America”:

“[I]t’s my God, my personal idea of God at least, that’s allowed my emotional wellbeing to be in good working order … [and] you can’t negate something that I feel is responsible for my happiness”:

Jim Hoft is “using violence against gays to demonize an entire religion that he doesn’t understand. This isn’t about confronting Muslim homophobia. This is being anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner, period”:

“A substance contained within was deemed not to be hazardous to health. The London Ambulance Service attended and a man and a woman were taken to a central London hospital as a precaution”:

Rory Dickson … says Sufism … [is] not a sect like Sunni or Shia, but a way of thinking about the faith that’s seen in both. It focuses on the idea of love”:

“‘An Ordinary Muslim’ actually reflects how the British and American security apparatus have come to understand the ‘problem’ posed by Muslim men and women”:






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