News and Analysis (3/16/18)

Cheering Rex Tillerson’s exit are a coalition of neoconservatives, the “primitive right” of Hungarian fascist Sebastian Gorka, and the warmongering Foundation for Defense of Democracies back by Sheldon Adelson:

An “anti-Muslim bigot in Congress or even leading the CIA” is bad enough, but nominating him to be Secretary of State “proves that ‘pluralistic diplomacy towards the Muslim world is not even remotely important’ to Donald Trump” …

… “imagine that he had made similar statements about Jews, and forged similar ties to anti-Semites. Then imagine the reaction if he were nominated for secretary of state”:

“The owners of a section of the Tasso Cemetery in Jaffa filed two lawsuits demanding immediate cessation of burials there, the removal of hundreds of existing graves, and a fine of 15 million shekels”:

“Hamas condemned the explosion, calling it a crime and an attempt to ‘hurt efforts to achieve unity and reconciliation.” … Abbas blamed Hamas for the blast. But his security chief … said it was ‘too early’ to say who was responsible”:

“President Maithripala Sirisena said he ordered an immediate lifting of a ban on Facebook after his secretary met with company representatives. He said they pledged they would not allow the service to be used to incite disharmony”:

“The lawyers for the two men argued that convicting the soldiers would be a selective enforcement of the law, since it is rare for an indictment to be brought against Israel Defense Force soldiers who shoot and kill Palestinians”:

“Taking space vacated by fleeing Rohingya is an old game in a state seen as the frontline of a Buddhist nation’s fight against encroaching Islam”:

Reports claim Russian air strikes killed thirty-one and Turkish shelling killed eighteen on Friday adding another 50,000 Syrians to the nearly 12 million driven from their homes over seven years of war:






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