News and Analysis (3/19/18)

Police allege a plot to bomb “a mosque and an apartment complex that was home to Somali refugees” and also to kill “the apartment complex’s white owner to send a message to other landlords about renting to immigrants”:

The lawsuits allege that the women were arrested on charges of violating bogus protective orders filed by an  abusive ex-husband and a vindictive sister-in-law, then made to feel “exposed and violated … as if … naked in a public space”:

“Stopping Adhan is inappropriate, instead we would seek to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone like agreeing on sound levels not to exceed” — Mufti of Rwanda:

Trumps & Saudis: “a dynastic family mixing business with politics, millionaires granting positions of power to relatives, and an atmosphere where personal ties – and … vendettas – matter more than facts and traditional qualifications”:

Netanyahu retracted his statement that his government’s annexation “plans are being co-ordinated with the Trump administration…. But all evidence suggests that Washington is fully on board, so long as annexation is done by stealth”:

“[M]ost students (79 per cent) who suffered abuse felt they had been targeted because of being Muslim”:

“Pakistani people have an unfortunate habit of trying to bring down people who try and do good by them” from Fazlur Rahman to Zafrullah Khan and Dr. Abdus Salam, M. M. Ahmad, Malala, Husain Haqqani, anf Akbar Ahmed:

Canada has “set aside C$173 million in its latest budget to pay for extra patrols at border crossings to cope with” an unexpected influx  of refugees from the I.S., but so far no talk of building a wall:






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