News and Analysis (7/21/09)

A case of “assertion of the state secrets privilege,” often used against Muslims, is found to be “fraud on the court”:

An interim report states, “Justice cannot be done … unless those who are accused of crimes are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that affords them a full and fair opportunity to contest the charges against them”:

Gershon Baskin says only “the government of Israel” leaves the claim of “Israel’s sovereignty over all of Jerusalem” unchallenged:

In order to improve Muslim relations in the West, “We [Muslims]  must save Islam from all the nonsense, falsehoods and retrograde ideas that have attached themselves to it”:

Farmers were offered jobs and security to stop growing poppy plants; those promises remain unfulfilled:

Compared to the turbulent relationship with the Kurds, reconciliation with Sunni political factions may prove quiet easy:

Providing cultural opportunities like concerts, cinema, contemporary art, and a wide range of literature:

Iran’s ruling clergy face scrutiny, criticism unimaginable before the June 12 elections:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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