News and Analysis (3/22/18)

Hanna Luden from the center for information and documentation on Israel has joined Muslims and civil libertarians in condemning Geert Wilder’s latest venture into reviving Nazi-style propaganda in 21st century Europe:

Because some fool thinks the Malaysian flag is an American flag desecrated with Islamic symbols, the FBI launches an investigation and an innocent man has finds his membership in an employee association restricted …

… while a D.A. previously “charged with 12 counts of felony perjury and one count of grand theft [who] took a plea deal for probation and resigned from office” has now been sued for persecuting a Muslim employee:

One woman “was on vacation with her atheist family at the time, and remembers being in her ‘bikini on the beach, reading the Quran.’ … When her mther saw her “praying, she flipped out”:

They refuse to give up prayers, hijab, or heavy metal music. “We can be great when we become ourselves”:

“Though white men carry out the majority of mass shootings and ideologically motivated violence, white people don’t face collective criminalization when “one of them” behaves badly”:

“The prosecution had listed 41 potential witnesses, meaning that Tamimi would have to stay in prison during a lengthy trial that probably would have stretched longer than the sentence agreed to in the plea bargain”:






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