News and Analysis (3/25/18)

The purpose of the law is to drag “Muslim businesses and even houses of worship could … into potential lawsuits, something that would certainly have a chilling effect on American Muslim commercial and civic life”:

Isaacs has apologized for retweeting other people’s Islamophobic  tweets to “stimulate conversation” but how about his own bigotry such as “All #Islamic #terrorists literally follow #Islam”:

An unrepentant “supporter of the Iraq war and an advocate for aggressive use of American power, Bolton was unable to win Senate confirmation after his nomination” as UN ambassador:

“[M]any migrants from abroad became more religious” and that is usually a good thing since cultural differences are more inflammatory than religious ones:

“I chose Ennahdha because I found that because of the crisis the country is going through, everyone is turning toward this party. I see no difference between the Islamic and Judaic religions”:

“The role of police and some local Buddhist politicians suggests the Sri Lankan government lost control of elements of its security forces, and that the violence was more than a spontaneous outbreak fueled by fringe Buddhist extremists”:

“Eleven men were part of mob that attacked Alimuddin Ansari, who was transporting beef”:

“Along with an Analysis of what has gone wrong and why, … [Akbar] Ahmed argues that Islamic communities in Europe need to turn away from primordial identities and instead seek mutual flourishing through a “pluralist identity”:

Erdogan employs religious language to take threats (real, exaggerated, and imagined) “to advance a highly ideological narrative” to whip up a nationalist frenzy that justifies increasing his own power and squelching the opposition:






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