News and Analysis (3/28/18)

“Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser doesn’t require Senate confirmation,” but Pompeo and Haspel face scrutiny for their support of, and in her case involvement in, torture”:

“Muslim Women’s Day is a call to action to… center Muslim women’s voices for the day, to empower us, to flood the Internet with new, diverse, positive stories and Muslim women’s voices, and basically just pass the mic”:

“The first Muslim woman elected to Australia’s federal parliament … was bullied by fellow students at school because of her Arabic heritage and how she was subjected to abuse and violence by a former husband”

Look at THESE cartoons … if you dare:

After some Muslim students harassed a Jewish girl, Imam “Mazyek announced his plan to send ten imams – preferably together with rabbis – to visit classrooms, ‘promoting dialogue, enlightenment and mutual respect’”:

“[M]otivations for losing faith in Islam are complex and vary from individual to individual. But suffering from the oppression or violence perpetrated in the name of religion is cited very often” — Mustafa Akyol:

“Jaish al-Islam’s military spokesman … said in the negotiations with Russia Jaish al-Islam is asking for guarantees that what remains of the local population will not be forced out”:

The military dictatorship’s suppression “of moderate voices … could result in an extreme reaction in Egypt”:

In addition to violating Islamic law by trying to force their daughter to marry against her will, the parents are suspected of keeping the proposed groom’s monetary gift of $20,000 to their daughter for themselves:






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