News and Analysis (3/31/18)

Boyd Benson joined Kansas Security Forces members because he fears Islam, but when members started to talk about killing one-year old Muslim babies  and raping the wives and daughter of their landlords, he quit:

“[M]any Muslims consider a top-down approach to manage Islam domesticating or patronizing, particularly in light of France’s unresolved colonial legacy in the Arab-Muslim world—a way to assimilate Islam to the point of invisibility”:

“[W]hen Islamic movements struggle to make the state their means to Islamicize society, they are in line with … [a] conception of secularism, under which the state has become “involved in the regulation of religious life and religious institutions”:

A white Christian couple adopts Islam, saying, “From the point of Islam, men and women are equal in the eyes of God.  … The negative things we see are the cultural interpretations — there is a big difference between religion and culture”:

“The Court of Appeals, in a split 4-3 decision, ruled that the NYPD was in its rights to decline acknowledging whether records existed pertaining to possible surveillance of … a Manhattan imam, and … a former Rutgers … student”:

“Pakistan officially recognized transgender as a third gender in 2012, but transgender people are largely confined to the margins of society”:

“The problem … is not just politicians who wield stupid slogans. It is also the majority of nonpopulist Germans who are shy about expressing the terms of participation in a pluralist society”:

A protester and a farmer were killed in “Land Day” demonstrations  commemorating the deaths of “six Arab citizens of Israel killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations over government land confiscations in” 1976:

Rather than ban mosques and churches, Israel’s housing minister proposes the state flood the country with images of a Star of David:






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