News and Analysis (4/2/18)

As the date Islamphobes have promoted to spread hatred and violence approaches, proposed preventatives range from telling women and children to stay of the streets …

… to calls for “kindness and solidarity” …

… to a call to open “arms and doors … to these minds that incite hate, get to know us, the community. Join us in our community work and community ethos and use that negative energy to do good”:

“Islam always held that there needs to be a separation between religious authority and politics, … as separate power bases…. [R]eligion serves as a valuable check on government excesses and tyranny” — Rabbi Shlomo Pill:

“No Israeli, soldier or civilian, was ever under threat, let alone harmed. Yet … the Israeli forces and its snipers saw fit to take pot shots into the civilian crowd who were marching peacefully” and the tweet portrayed the “victim as the aggressor”:

“The aim, they said, is to send a message of comity and reassurance at a time when rising Islamophobia and fears of a new wave of ­anti-Semitism in Germany are deepening social mistrust”:

“Half of the 18 countries where women constitute [at least] 40% of [science, technology and engineering] students are Muslim.” In Kuwait and Brunei, a majority of such students are women:

“Yesterday, we went to a talk that spoke about character and being the best Muslim we can be. That involves service and activism”:

The women object that jailing men for violating the divorce law “will create more problems. Women won’t have any place to go if their husbands serve the jail term. It will be difficult to take care of our children”:

“[B]y defining terrorism as ‘illegitimate violence,’ the state reaffirms its own legitimacy to create violence”:






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