News and Analysis (4/13/18)

It is unacceptable that for positions that require “credibility as a fair-minded person toward foreign nations and different peoples … President Trump has selected two individuals … tied to individuals and organizations that have exhibited hateful bias against Muslims around the world”:

Much as Anti-Semites see the Rothschilds behind every Jew, except for “Israel’s human rights community, left-wing Meretz party, and the Arab-Israeli political parties who have angrily protested the use of lethal force, most Israelis” see Hamas militants behind every Gazan:

In pardoning a traitor who “was convicted of lying in an investigation of the unmasking of a CIA agent, Trump has made “clear his contempt for the rule of law” and sent “a troubling signal to the president’s allies that obstructing justice will be rewarded” according to Nancy Pelosi:

“Moscow’s U.N. ambassador … ‘cannot exclude’ war between the United States and Russia,” but a Hezbollah official says, “The conditions do not point to a total war happening … unless Trump and (Israeli leader Benjamin) Netanyahu completely lose their minds”:

A “Catholic evangelical crusader[‘s] … accurate Latin translation of the Qur’an … did not have the effect he intended, as Alexander Bevilacqua shows in his tour de force study of the origins of modern Islamic scholarship in the West and its central role in the Enlightenment”:

“The killing of eight year-old Asifa Bano, details of which were released on Wednesday, and ongoing efforts by Hindu groups to disrupt the police investigation have sickened many Indians and deepened concerns about a growing sense of impunity among religious nationalists” …

… the demolition of the medieval-era Babri mosque in 1992 by Hindu nationalist mobs and the 2008 police encounter in a Muslim ghetto in India’s capital … changed the relations of Muslims with the Indian state” and coincided with the  BJP’s rise to power:

“In the ashes of his mosque, Ajrami clearly saw the task ahead. ‘I didn’t want that label, Muslim, to define me as a person. But because of the fire we really had to be on the front lines'”:

“In five years or 10 or 20, the women who are criticizing the event … are going to take part in similar races or will attend them and cheer on those racing. Just like they did with mobile phones, televisions, schools, nursing, medicine… They’ll … be embarrassed by the way they reacted”:

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