News and Analysis (4/16/18)

Theresa May “has said she did not seek a green light from parliament for the attacks due to the need to act quickly” but Russia blame delays preventing “international inspectors from reaching the site of a suspected poison gas attack … on retaliatory U.S.-led missile strikes on Syria”:

A former CIA official asks  whether Americans are “to be manipulated as instruments for the achievement of local Israeli and Saudi strategic goals in the region?”

It hurt when people taunted her for her religious grab, “but through my play, I would shut them up. It’s like ‘OK, I’m dressed in this, but I’m killing your team”:

“God gave you a brain which you chose to fill with hate and a mouth you chose to spew filth from. … That … you feel emboldened to talk this crap publicly is this government’s legacy” the actress said when trolled for criticizing the rape and murder of an 8-year-old in occupied Kashmir:

“‘[S]ecular’ should mean not against religion or a simple-minded acceptance of all religions but ‘opposition to institutionalised religious domination’. … This is how a person can be deeply Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian and yet be staunchly secular”:

“CCTV footage shows mob looting shops as Buddhist monks look on, leading investigator say”:

The man who “opened fire at a religious sanctuary filled with 53 men and a handful of children” and killed six people “followed U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter and had a photo of himself wearing a Make America Great Again cap, [and] read up on the Muslim travel ban”:






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