News and Analysis (4/22/18)

Erdogan wants us the world to believe he can’t tell the difference between refusing to free a man held on dubious charges and refusing to extradite a man sought on dubious charges:

“If surveillance is going to be a regular part of American life, as it already is, then she is determined to name it. In the spirit of inverse surveillance, Boundaoui wants to ‘watch the watchers'”:

“There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack on a project of key importance to the credibility of President Ashraf Ghani’s Western-backed government, which has pledged to hold parliamentary elections this year” and the Taliban’s denies involvement”:

“The agreement … also called for strengthening religious and spiritual ties between Christians and Muslims, and establishing fruitful relationships based on respect and peace between them”:

Locals charge that “Islamist rebel fighters, who are allied to Turkey and have occupied Yazidi villages in the area, have destroyed the temples and places of worship the Kurdish-speaking non-Islamic sect”:

Rohingya have suffered “state-sanctioned arbitrary arrests, torture, murder …, sexual violence and rape, … property seizures, torching of  villages, … disappearances. forcible displacement and relocation and land grabbing … at the hands of the Myanmar security forces and authorities”:

“Even as hopes for negotiating a future Palestinian state seem more remote, perhaps, than ever before, there is an attempt here to build cultural institutions and a cultural life that inspire people to respond to their Palestinian history and identity through art and exhibitions”:

The professor of electrical engineering was a member of Hamas. As usual, the Israelis neither confirm nor deny involvement in the murder:

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