News and Analysis (4/30/18)

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall! After “hundreds of Palestinian protesters attempted to tear down a fence along the Israel-Gaza border[,] … Israeli forces opened fire on the crowd, marking the most violent clash in a series of ongoing protests in the region”:

As Pompeo threatens to sabotage it, “Britain, France and Germany have agreed that the nuclear deal that U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to scrap remains the best way of stopping Tehran getting nuclear weapons”:

“American Muslims are fed up of not being included in conversation that is about them … and they are being made targets” – Shaun Kennedy, Executive Director of Jetpac, “a political action group … [that has] launched a campaign to encourage more Muslims to run for office”:

She started to read the Qur’an to reconcile the negative things “everyone” said about Islam with the fact that “Muslims in Oman were very kind and welcoming” and found Islam “as a religion is a complete way of life that reaches out to your mind with logic and to your heart with reason”:

The High Court called the coroner’s policy to deny priority to “Jewish and Muslim burials over others, despite the fact that Jewish and Islamic law requires bodies of the deceased to be buried as soon as possible after death, ideally on the same day … ‘unlawful, irrational’ and ‘discriminatory’:

“The election ‘is going to be about who liberated the country [from ISIS],’ says an Iraqi analyst close to the government …  [but] people don’t really want to hear about that. People want to hear about services and job creation”:

“The Islamic State group (IS) said it had carried out the attack.In a tweet, the AFP news agency said the second blast had deliberately targeted the group of journalists”:

A “Labour councillor … said that the mayor had ‘liked’ the Facebook page for the neo-fascist Infidels of Britain…, adding: ‘A person with those views should not be representing our town and should not be visiting schools or charities, and should never have been selected as town mayor”:

“[T]the son of a Pakistani bus driver whose family came to the UK in the 1960s” replaces Ms. Rudd who “quit after ‘inadvertently misleading’ MPs over what she knew about immigration removal targets”:






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