News and Analysis (7/27/09)

As Iran inches closer towards a military dictatorship, the best policy is not direct intervention, but “deterrence and containment” …

… Meanwhile, signs of a destabilized, divided government are abundant:

Taliban strategy attempts to consolidate power through the central leadership while focusing on swaying public opinion…

… as on the other side, David Milliband declares “that it is more important to protect Afghan civilians than to kill the Taliban:

Projects funded through Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP) often amount to wasted funds:

In an attempt to replenish Iraq’s educated youth, students will obtain advanced degrees abroad and then to return to Iraq to put their education to use:

“The state, far from ‘being an agency for providing law, order, security and welfare for the masses’, has become ‘an elitist fountain for providing privilege, wealth and power for a small group of people’””

Kabul government is weak link in Afghan strategy


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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