News and Analysis (6/4/18)

As the Israeli murder of Gazans widens to include medical personnel …

… Selling Israeli dates to Muslims to break their fast combines insult and injury; a customer defies French law to tell a store manager that “Israelis shoot Palestinians like rabbits. I don’t want to fund Israeli killing or Israeli occupation”:

Protests against dealing with inflation due to corruption with 5% plus tax increases on employees and 20-40% on companies challenge notions that the brutal crackdowns and bloody conflicts in the Middle East “have cowed the region’s public into accepting autocratic rule”:

Nothing in Malaysia’s constitution nor Islamic law prohibits non-Muslim ministers. The AG is not “involved in syariah proceedings” and Malaysia has already had three non-Malay-Muslim AG’s (serving for eleven of the nineteen years in the period from 1955-1974) :

Ironic justice: ways in which Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran agreement continues to strengthen  the Islamic state domestically and internationally while hurting interests of America and its allies…

… “It remains to be seen whether the U.S. withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, which can already be linked to an escalating proxy war in Syria, may also see a resumption of the shadowy covert war between Israel and Iran” …

… for Israel cannot count on NATO to side with it if a hot war erupts:

Zionist demonstrated their contempt for the U.N. partition plan by expelling 95% of the population of  Jaffa in attacks which the U.N. High Commissioner found to be ““indiscriminate and designed to create panic amongst civilian inhabitants. It was not a Military operation”:

The objection that upon reaching puberty “an adopted son cannot live in the same house as the mother or a biological daughter” is very weak since there is no reason that adult adopted children couldn’t enjoy the same accommodations afforded to live-in domestic help:

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