News and Analysis (6/6/18)

The Supreme Court’s decision is too narrow to forecast future decisions on line between invidious discrimination and freedom of religion and speech, yet it has obvious implications for the Muslim ban:

Solving the crisis in Jordan will require both new elections and (re)establishing relations with Qatar, Turkey and Iran:

“Past experience shows that economic pressure does change societies—but it mostly facilitates hardliners. Iran’s regime may be next”:

Netanyahu is willing to start a war with Iran not only without the support of Western allies, but even without a declaration of war by the security cabinet, in contravention of Israeli law …

… but the Netanyahu-Trump strategy risks realignment of world powers in a way that benefits nether Israel nor the U.S.:

Episode 7 of season 10 in which Roseanne’s Muslim neighbors’ house is blown up (not by their fertilizer) and they are deported was among the casualties of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet:

“The inequality at many Johannesburg and Durban mosques has outraged some Muslim women‚ who say that not only is there a culture of patriarchy and sexism in the mosques but the conduct is against the teachings of the Qur’an” …

… while in the U.S. “Qal’bu Maryam — Arabic for ‘Maryam’s heart’ … represents a stark departure from orthodox Muslim tradition, welcoming LGBTQ congregants, allowing women to lead prayers and deliver sermons (called khutbahs), and encouraging all genders to pray shoulder to shoulder”:

EIB’s decision not to do business in Iran would be a victory for Trump were it not for the fact that EIB has never done business in Iran in the first place:

Resolutions for “prayerful, thoughtful and respectful engagement” by the Episcopal Church  include a push for BDS and a call for greater attention to the plight of Palestinian children including those being tried in Israeli military courts“:

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