News and Analysis (6/11/18)

“The Palestinians in the Silwan neighborhood are threatened with eviction” but “Government lawyers admitted Sunday that a Justice Ministry unit failed to investigate significant issues before issuing a title deed for East Jerusalem land to a Jewish trust”:

Despite the fact that “Israeli occupation forces prevented Palestinian males under the age of 40 from entering Jerusalem from the occupied West Bank” and no Palestinians at all “from the besieged Gaza Strip … to travel to Al-Aqsa”:

“[T]hose who call on Palestinians to pursue solely ‘non-violent’ means to achieve their aims are in fact the same people undermining the very basis of Palestinian non-violent struggle, repeatedly refusing to endorse the academic and cultural boycott”:

“The date for the emergency meeting will be announced in a few days. It is expected to take place next week” and “would be similar to a previous draft resolution submitted by Kuwait on … to the UN Security Council and vetoed by the U.S.” on a vote of ten in favor and one against:

Attempts “to disassociate himself from hateful views” ring hollow from the co-author of a “document accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of plotting to “destroy Western civilization from within’” using such insidious tools as“interfaith ‘dialogue’” and the First Amendment:

“The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinians, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity” …

… Jason Rezaian denies that his interview with Bourdain had any connection with the arrest of him and his wife, saying, “I think our appearance there … raised awareness in a different kind of way that nothing else could have”:

Trump withdrew from the G7 statement “which also called for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, came at the end of a two-day summit in Canada that was dominated by a trade dispute between Trump and the other world leaders” …

… without JCPOA, what’s to stop North Korea from sharing nuclear technology with Iran? What will induce Iran to join the UN Terrorism Financing Convention? …

… and with a newfound friendship between Trump and Kim Jong Un, what will distract administration hawks from pursuing war with Iran?

One player “faked an injury at sundown and as he lay on the pitch receiving treatment, his teammates were able to dash to the sidelines to drink water and snack on dates” but “Muslims who are traveling are permitted by Islamic law ‘to postpone their fasting’ until they return home”:


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