News and Analysis (7/29/09)

As Khamenei announces the closure of a detention center and criticizes the treatment of prisoners held there …

… Emerging political divisions complicate any prediction of the future in Iranian politics:

Accusations of brutality and violence as the six year long US protection of the MEK camp has apparently come to an end:

Despite indications the US may remove troops faster than expected…

.. the logistics of protecting Iraqi airspace with US support will require some “creative solutions”:

Emphasizing the difficulty in reaching concessions, Israeli “right-wing activists set up 11 new outposts in defiance of Netanyahu’s engagement with the Obama administration on the settlement issue”:

Illustrating a complete disregard for Iraq’s ancient treasures, US forces caused “major damage” and represented a “grave encroachment” during their 18 month stay at Camp Alpha:

Officially bound by the sanctions set by the Syria Accountability Act, Obama aims to grant more exemptions in order to facilitate his promise of negotiations based on “mutual interest and respect” :

A small but significant step in the closure of Guantanamo:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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