News and Analysis (7/30/09)

“They’re waiting for Mladic to die before they have to choose between him and the European Union,” -  Petrovic, a former chief of Serbia’s civilian intelligence service:

“This is a case about annulling the article that addresses women’s dress code, under the title of indecent acts. This is my battle. This article is against the constitution and even against Islamic law itself”:

“U.S. efforts to promote democracy and build schools, roads and clinics in the Islamic world will not succeed unless American officials help foster the spread of moderate Islam and its a message of peace;” but does this violate separation of church and state?:

Skeptics believe Taliban forces will integrate into the returning population and continue to incite fear and violence among the Swat Valley’s population:

Little progress has been achieved after the integration of the Awakening forces into the Iraqi army:

Once known as the cradle of human civilization due to the land’s fertility:

Victims are brought to the country under false pretenses and threatened into cooperation


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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