News and Analysis (7/9/18)

It is a war crime for an occupying power to transfer its “civilian population into occupied territory. Passing the bill would simply mean that Ireland is moving to modify its domestic legislation to comply with its third-state obligations” …

… Palestinians refuse to bow to Israeli extortion as the apartheid state threatens to withhold taxes stolen from Palestinian citizens unless the PA withholds welfare payments to the families of people it has imprisoned …

… “For several years, Israel has attempted to block activists who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which leads a nonviolent campaign aimed at pressuring Israel to adhere to international law”:

Al-Issa “sees no contradiction between opposing the occupation of the Palestinian territories and condemning the Holocaust, which he says ‘shook humanity to the core” and calls for making “East Jerusalem (capital of Palestine) and West Jerusalem (capital of Israel), and there is no choice but peace”:

“Caution in substituting the court’s own judgment for the president’s on a question of national security might normally reflect wise self-restraint. But there is a difference between self-restraint and willful blindness to discrimination”:

“Five world powers agreed with Iran on Friday to forge ahead with negotiations with the country and maintain its ability to export gas and oil as they seek to preserve a nuclear deal with Tehran despite the withdrawal of the United States”:

“Is Trump’s son-in-law – ‘adviser’ on the Middle East, real estate developer and US investor – delusional? After three Arab-Israeli wars, tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and millions of refugees, does Jared Kushner really believe that the Palestinians will settle for cash?”:

Trump’s Iran policy, not OPEC is behind rising oil prices:

“[T]he recent strike of the bazaari can be seen as a jibe against Rouhani, and an act of support for a conservative, future president.Once again, Iranians are articulating very specific demands related to the economy. But this is a part of the reform process in the country and not a revolutionary movement”:

“The main reasons behind the water shortage are more than thirty powerful pumps installed by the owners of several orchards in neighboring city of Kazeroon on the local river for illegal irrigation of their properties during dark hours of the night” – Dashtestani representative to parliament:






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