News and Analysis (7/31/09)

Iran is quickly crossing the fine line between an Islamic democracy and an authoritative theocracy:

Col. Timothy R. Reese believes the Iraqi military’s shortcomings, which  include problems of “corruption, poor management and the inability to resist Shiite political pressure” will not be solved by extending the US military presence in Iraq:

Regional powers have begun challenging the neutrality of Egyptian moderated negotiations, a country heavily influenced by US economic aid:

Denied their fundamental rights to justice and rule of law, restoring these principles to Guantanamo inmates proves to be extremely challenging:

A preemptive move designed to justify what the UN will surely label as war crimes:

As the Israeli Supreme Court becomes the most  likely candidate to serve justice to the Palestinians, what role will the  judiciary play in policy making:

Abduction may be the most disturbing manipulation of Islam by Taliban forces:

Settlement Foes Take Fight to Israel’s High Court


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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