News and Analysis (7/19/18)

The atheist asked if his preference for church bells over the Muslim call to prayer is due to  his cultural upbringing. Fatima Bhutto replied, “No, it’s your bigotry,” and a former Winchester Cathedral chorister who finds “muezzin enchanting and profoundly evocative” calls Dawkins’ tweet “gratuitously vile” …

… but rather than apologize, Dawkins doubles down with a reference to “to suicide bombers shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ just before blowing themselves up,” demonstrating a remarkable inability to distinguish a call to the humble act of prayer from the maniacal ravings of suicidal murders:

Many call Donald Trump Putin’s puppet but according to Netanyahu the one who pulled his strings on the Iran deal was — Netanyahu:

When she correctly noted that the practice of repeating a declaration of divorce without attempting a reconciliation “is not the form of divorce that exists in the Quran” the Mufti reacted violently …

… and now another imam wants to silence the discussion that threatens to expose the religious establishment’s ignorance of the Qur’an:

With the passage of  the “Jewish Nation-State Law” “defining Israel as the exclusive nation-state of the Jewish people and demoting the official status of Arabic” Israel has abandoned any pretense that it is not an apartheid state:

Advocates of regime change fail to realize that Iran is run not by clerics, but by bureaucrats:

Palestine’s U.N. ambassador condemned Israel’s refusal “to allow several of the experts to travel from Ramallah to Jerusalem where the U.S. Consulate is located to check on their visas”:

Her lawyer denies the plea is an attempt to get a “free pass” for entering the mosque armed and “removing fliers and Qur’ans from shelves, bins and bulletin boards”; the  Islamic Community Center of Tempe “declined to comment on the settlement discussions”:

“Given the difficulty of running Iran under sanctions, Rouhani has no choice but to listen to the Guards” …

… and if “Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign succeeds, the volatile and rising gasoline prices that result could finally dent his approval ratings, even among hardline supporters, and spark a global recession”:

“For two decades, riflery was the only international sport open to Iranian women. Then, in the 1990s, a national soccer league was established…. [Now, a]  new regulation allowing 16-year-olds to train with senior clubs will be a huge aid in preparing Iranian women athletes for the 2022 Olympics”:

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