News and Analysis (7/30/18)

Is Khan’s win “about growing up as a democracy; about maturing as a nation privileged with fundamental rights and liberties; about flowering as a society that is shrugging off the bitter past of a menacing State,” or has he “shown a soft spot for the powerful army and religious extremists”?

“Amnesty International described it in a statement last month as a “grotesque parody of justice” and called on authorities to drop all charges against those arrested for protesting peacefully”:

Israel released Ahed Tamimi and her mother but has hijacked a relief ship to Gaza:

To establish Israel “hundreds of thousands of indigenous individuals [were] driven from their ancestral homes and hundreds of others massacred by recent European immigrants (many of them atheists yet nevertheless claiming to be Jewish) with a tenuous connection to Palestine or ancient Israel”:

“[T]he first Muslims in New York, who arrived in the sixteen-hundreds, as slaves. More came as immigrants. ‘One of the first registered mosques in New York was started in 1907, in Williamsburg, by Muslim Lithuanians, Russians, and Poles'”:

“Thirty-five percent of Iranian women consider the hijab a Sharia-based value and 55 percent of them support the hijab as a [voluntary] cultural tradition” according to the parliament’s research center:

Not surprised that fellow citizens “put on the spot, confused and as some said ‘baited’ by Sacha Baron Cohen” this Kingman Muslim was disheartened that the city’s response “blatantly ignored and failed to mention the vibrant Muslim community that has been an integral part of Kingman for over 40 years”:

The order to release “reformist Iranian politicians Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who have been under house arrest for seven years … [could] be vetoed in the next 10 days by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a dogged critic of their conduct after the disputed election nine years ago”:

“Through the MoU, the two governments are committed to establishing a number of family resilience programs, as well as intensifying efforts to protect women and children from all forms of violence and harassment, and to involve women in politics and economy”:

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