News and Analysis (8/7/18)

A “group called Veterans Against Islamic Filth, with 2,700 members, violated a specific Facebook rule against referring to a group of people as ‘filth.’ Yet the group remained up until Buzzfeed contacted Facebook for comment on the story”:

“Indian movies which talk of Islam and Muslims, even positively and constructively with a view to dispelling the anti-Muslim stereotypes, don’t go down well with the film censors in Pakistan”:

“Muslim inmates … saw their religion as perhaps the most important part of their own transformation…. They wanted to understand … how Islam can transform their lives and … behaviour so that they can become functional citizens”:

The newly signed law  replaces the current autonomous region with “a new political entity” that keeps 75% “of taxes collected in the area…. The region is also to have a parliament and Islamic … courts … for cases involving Muslims”:

“[T]he arrests were part of a widespread crackdown on graft and corrupt practices in the country’s moribund foreign-currency sector” …

… “Two traders told The Associated Press initial rates likely would be around 93,000 rials to the dollar, down from 98,000 to $1 on the black market the night before”:

Of 120 planes Iran ordered from Airbus and ATR, only 11 have been delivered. Aviation analyst Alex Macheras says “that since 1979, over 2,000 Iranians have died in plane crashes, reflecting the ‘dire state of aviation’ in the country”:

The man “in charge of providing information on ICE activities in New Jersey to the media,was an editor for … [a group that] pushes wild anti-Muslim conspiracy theories … Muslims and deliberately conflates mainstream and radical Islam”:

  • ICE Spokesman in New Jersey Has Written for Anti-Muslim Groups (

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