News and Analysis (8/15/18)

“The social media, email and telephone threats made against … Judge Sarah Backus were deemed so serious that court officials felt compelled to reiterate her responsibility to decide on the law, not public opinion based on incomplete information”:

Reports of Iraqi submission to U.S. bullying may have been exaggerated …

… and the actual victims of sanctions may not be the intended ones:

The arrest of a million Muslims behind bars, bans of beards and veils and the humiliation of imams has met with silence from Western liberals and Muslim governments:

The appointment of the Pakistani-born Greens Party MP for New South Wales to fill a vacant senate seat “comes as another new senator faces condemnation for a speech calling for a “final solution” on immigration“:

A 32-year-old  Irish-American “Ph.D. student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill … gives free walking tours about … Islam as it is lived today in Harlem” so that the “mostly oral histories” are not forgotten:

“At first sight, his conservatism seems to be quite traditional,” but unlike his Christian counterparts, he refuses to deny science:

“The Islamic Republic can negotiate with America whenever it achieves the power to resist America’s pressure and blackmail. Today this is not the case”:

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