News and Analysis (8/17/18)

Even Israel’s post office practices apartheid, …

… and Palestinians can’t use the airport as even Palestinian-Americans “have been sent back to the U.S. upon arrival at Ben Gurion. And for Gaza’s two million locked up inhabitants, it’s far worse” …

… yet it seems “that the Trump administration shares” Netanyahu’s “vision of ‘economic peace‘ with Palestinians receiving a state minus.’ In effect, of course, it means Palestinians will agree to live as ‘humans minus'”:

Five decades after surviving the Israel attack on the U.S.S. Liberty that killed 34 of his shipmates, Joe Meadors was arrested by Israel for trying to break the blockade of Gaza:

Pegging the value of its new blockchain currency  to the rial (instead of gold backed by oil) “would make the digital token as unattractive as the nation’s paper currency.  And eliminating Iranian access to all non-state cryptocurrencies will be difficult”:

Whom do the Iranians blame for their foundering economy? Rouhani? Khamenei? Guess again:

“Alhajeh told the BBC she respects Sweden’s gender equality and thus does not shake anybody’s hand…. Ultimately the court agreed, ruling that while the company was right in its insistence upon gender equality, it could not enforce it by imposing handshakes”:

“Whenever the authorities think that keeping my wife in prison is too costly for them – meaning that the public is becoming sensitive about it – they release her, and whenever they think she’s becoming harmful for them outside jail, they take her back in”:

“A clash between a nation-state with a defence budget of $18.6 billion and a politically, geographically and militarily fragmented people who’ve been under occupation for the past 70 years is in no way a battle between equivalent powers”:

“We know women who follow the Islamic faith are not a monolith and no one person can truly represent them. So we decided to speak to a few representing their community in a bunch of different industries and let them do the talking”:

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