News and Analysis (1/26/07)

Mission not-yet accomplished; 11 billion more and a four-month tour of duty extension announced:

·        US Urges Aggressive NATO Action Against Taliban (AFP)

The conditions imposed on Iraqi government seem to have been dropped:

·        Gates Working to Accelerate Deployment (Washington Post)

Gates says, “We are not going to simply stand by and let people bring sophisticated IEDs into the country;” might Iran feel the same about those who bring Black Hawk helicopters and F-16s into the country?

·        US Unveils Tougher Line on Iranians in Iraq (AFP)

“The increasingly common arrangement for sick or wounded Iraqis to receive treatment in Iran is just one strand in a burgeoning relationship between these two Persian Gulf countries”:

·        Tehran’s Influence Grows as Iraqis See Advantages (Washington Post)

Two weeks of relative calm end, but Haniyah is determined to pursue dialog despite what he calls a “regrettable crime”:

·        Palestinian Clashes Kill Nine in Gaza (AFP)

“Hezbollah, which has a mighty guerrilla force that withstood a 34-day war with Israel last year, has vowed never to turn its guns against its Lebanese foes”:

·        Hezbollah Buries Dead, Urges Lebanese Unity (Reuters)

Many repercussions are feared for the Basque region to a Serb turn to Russia, but the alternative could be civil war:

·        Kosovo Wins Support for Split from Serbia (Washington Post)






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