News and Analysis (8/23/18)

Tunisia’s Ennahda Party achieves what the nation’s secularists never did: they have elected a woman as mayor of the capital city:

As Israel releases Ahed Tamimi from prison it sentences her brother and to make sure no videos of its troops misbehavior ever surface again passes a law penalizing filming its soldiers while on duty with five to ten years’ imprisonment”:

Executives of Indonesia’s two largest Islamic organizations criticize the government’s conviction of a Buddhist woman on blasphemy charges because she complained that that speakers broadcasting the call to prayer were too loud:

The U.S. media rarely reports the Israel’s daily abductions of Palestinians which this past July alone included “69 children, nine women and five journalists” …

… because Israel “prefers headlines that make Palestinians sound like instigators and terrorists – and when they don’t, a few well-placed phone calls or tweets will usually do the trick. Mainstream media lives in Israel’s pocket” …

… which is a shame since reporting can change things, as following widespread reporting of a 3-year-old denied his mother’s presence for his chemo treatments because she is related to a Hamas member, she will now be allowed to join him:

India finally joined every every other Muslim country in banning “triple talaq” divorce after “a Muslim women’s grassroots organization … conducted research into …  the custom, its history within India and its lack of legitimacy within Islamic law”:

Modest but fun-loving Muslim women “wearing lightweight, form-fitting ‘burkinis’ that covered all but their faces, hands and feet — rappelled down a waterfall, went for joyrides on a tortuous water slide in a forest, and ziplined, four times, through the trees”:

With the collapse of the rial, Iranians can’t afford international travel …

… but “Iran, Russia, and Turkey [can] escape the sanctions stick” by turning gold which has “no political baggage to carry[,] is already widely … used in Iran, Russia, and Turkey” and is sanctioned by Islamic law:

A former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer says Israel is greater threat to U.S. national security than Russia. Powerful Americans will do anything a self-professed Mossad agent says, “including literally dropping their pants”:

“Her new EP, ‘Barbarican,’ addresses her feelings as a Syrian-American woman who is grateful for the freedoms she has in the U.S. but demands more from the so-called greatest nation on Earth”:

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