News and Analysis (8/29/18)

To demonstrate that “Islam is grounded in equality and freedom and it is against all forms of oppression … Guzman asks each of his subjects to choose a chapter from the Quran or a ‘hadith’ … to accompany their portraits”:

Iran claims US sanctions violate a 1955  treaty. “Although the ICJ’s rulings are binding, it has no power to enforce them” if the Trump administration goes rogue:

Khan’s backs “the blasphemy clause that has served as a ramming rod against minorities and a means to whip crowds into a frenzy and at times turn them into lynch mobs and inspired vigilante killings” while ignoring China’s persecution of Muslims …

… where one million Muslims in internment camps are “forced to renounce Islam, criticize their own Islamic beliefs and those of fellow inmates, … recite Communist Party propaganda[,] … eat pork and drink alcohol, … [and face] torture and death“:

… like too many other Muslim politicians:

China isn’t the only country skilled in the arts of brainwashing, but Israel turns the schools instead of internment camps for its captive audience:

Trump goes easy on corporations but pursues criminal prosecution of individuals:

A UN fact-finding mission wants “the country’s top military generals … investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity … [and] accused Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, … of failing to use her position to protect the country’s civilian population”:

“[S]uccess is more likely if the U.S. makes its demands clear, imposes costs on Iran that outweigh the benefits of standing firm and clearly and credibly offers a diplomatic off-ramp to end the pressure. The Trump policy fails each of these tests”:

“The EU’s commitment to maintaining economic ties with Iran, among other things, is fueling calls for greater independence from the U.S.” …

… as Trump’s policy benefits China with “new opportunities, starting with the option to take control of South Pars after Total failed to secure an exemption from the U.S. penalties”:

Sanctions apply pressure that stress the Iranian economy’s weak points. The fact that weak points exist should be attributed to “government corruption, or just old-fashioned bureaucratic incompetence”:

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