News and Analysis (9/6/18)

“Israel’s new Nation State Law … has already increased the discrimination against Palestinians in Israel to absurd levels: they’re being prohibited from raising chickens, planting potatoes, gathering traditional herbs. Small sewing and knitting factories are being closed down”:

“Amnesty International’s Saudi Arabia campaigner Dana Ahmed called the reports “a disturbing trend in the Kingdom [that] sends a horrifying message that peaceful dissent and expression may be met with the death penalty”:

“[T]his might be the first instance of a government openly using a cryptocurrency to usurp the influence of other governments … [but] it won’t be the first time a government has developed its own cryptocurrency”:

Believing a false Internet report that Muslims had pressured a Catholic Church it removing its cross, Raymond shot down two civilians and two police officers:

“The Salam Sisters represent various racial and ethnic backgrounds…. The dolls were given a wide range of interests and aspirations, including journalism, astronomy, art, history, sports and social leadership”:

The Zionist Organization of America “which had not long ago been accusing Qatar of funding Hamas and terrorism” changed sides in return for Qatar’s suppressing a documentary with “explosive revelations” about Israeli interference in American affairs that could undermine pro-Israeli sentiment in America …

… sentiment already declining as “77 percent of Israelis approved of President Donald Trump’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations, while only 34 percent of American Jews did. Eighty-five percent of Israelis supported” moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem compared to 42% of American Jews:

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